Martin French

Associate Professor, Concordia University
Sociology of Risk, Surveillance, Privacy & Social Justice

Research Program

As a sociologist, I study the social dimensions of technology with an empirical focus on communications & information technology (CIT). My research emphasizes the broader social and political contexts of CIT, focusing especially on risk, surveillance, privacy, and social justice.

The aim of this research program is to create an evidentiary foundation for understanding the relationship between information flows, the practices that nurture or impede them, and the resulting configurations of governance that they enable or disrupt.

Recent Publications

  • Zanescu, Andrei, Martin French, and Marc Lajeunesse (2020). “Betting on DOTA 2’s Battle Pass: Gamblification and Productivity in Play,” New Media & Society,
  • Lynch, Erin, David Howes and Martin French. (2020). “A Touch of Luck and a “Real Taste of Vegas,”: A Sensory Ethnography of the Montreal Casino,” Senses & Society, 15(2): 192-215
  • Reynolds, Jennifer, Sylvia Kairouz, Samantha Ilacqua, and Martin French. (2020). “Responsible Gambling: A Scoping Review,” Critical Gambling Studies, 1(1): 23-39
  • French, Martin, Fiona A. Miller and Renata Axler (2019). “‘It’s actually part of clinical care’: biobanking in the entrepreneurial hospital,” Technoscienza, 9(2): 133-158.
  • Swiffen, Amy and Martin French (2018). “Seropolitics and the Criminal Accusation of HIV Non-Disclosure in Canada,” New Criminal Law Review 21(4): 545-566.
  • Gagnon, Marilou, Martin French and Yamilee Hébert (2018). “The HIV Self-Testing Debate: Where do we Stand?” BMC International Health and Human Rights, 18(5):

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Contact Me

Martin French, PhD
Associate Professor
Sociology and Anthropology
Concordia University
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Montréal, QC, H3G 1M8

Phone: 514.848.2424 x2110