In the 2015–2016 academic year, I will be teaching the following courses:

SOCI 380     Contemporary Issues in Human Rights (3 credits) (Winter)
The course develops, through case analysis, insight into the differing priorities and competing concepts of human rights and human dignity in “non-Western” cultural traditions as well as in “Western” societies. It explores the significance of religious and other ideological positions in the use and abuse of human rights by governments, extra-governments, international bodies, as well as the general public. The course also examines topics such as women’s human rights, sexuality and human rights, and human rights in development, the limits of sovereignty, and state accountability.
NOTE: Students who have received credit for ANTH 380 may not take this course for credit.

SOCI 415     Field Research (6 credits) (Fall and Winter)
This course provides the opportunity for advanced qualitative research methods. Students are taught systematic procedures for the collection of primary data using methods that include participant-observation and formal and informal interviewing, survey research, and library research.
NOTE: Students who have received credit for SOCI 313, 314, 315 or ANTH 315 may not take this course for credit

SOCI 613     Qualitative Research Design and Methods  (3 credits) (Fall)
This course explores research methodology, design, analysis and dissemination. Topics include focus groups, participant observation, open-ended and structured interviewing, content and discourse analysis, life histories and historical analysis. Analysis will also explore approaches to coding qualitative data and the links between data and conceptual and theoretical categories. Ethical issues as well as issues of researcher safety in the field are considered.